RCCC sketches

Thank you everyone for coming by and saying hi at RCCC this year! I had a fantastic time. Here are some of the commissions I did.

Hope to see you next year too!


New prints and commissions at RCCC 2015

Thanks for everyone who visited my table at yesterday’s Rose City Comic Con!

I had a couple of new prints for sale this time. One is based on characters from my original comic “Children of Loki.” I’m glad to see many people liked this piece 🙂

Children of Loki

Star gifl

Here are some of the commissions I did at the con.


rosecity2015-2 rosecity2015-3 rosecity2015

It was great catching up with old friends and meet new people! 🙂

I don’t have any more conventions planned for this year, as I’m working on a serial comic project at the moment. I’ll be sure to attend RCCC next year though!

Children of Loki in Collaboration with Caitlin Like

Thank you for visiting my table at Rose City Comic Con!
At the con, we released our first print of Children of Loki, a book about a viking family destined to battle against the offspring of Norse god Loki.



You can now read this comic online! Check it out here.

Let me tell you a behind-the-scene story. Caitlin Like is my fellow apprentice at Periscope Studio, and at the Stumptown Comic Festival in 2013 we both tabled together at its Artist Alley. There, I was asked to do a few commission pieces for good friends. Their prompts were “a beautiful viking,” a beautifu viking’s brother,” and “a beautiful viking’s father.” Thus, an entire family of viking was instantly created on site! Caitlin and I had so much fun chatting about this family, we decided to do an actual comic about them.

In Children of Loki, I told a story about the father and his mysterious companion, and Caitlin’s story rotates around his two sons (the original “beautiful viking” and his brother). We didn’t really talk about details to each other, but somehow we both had a pretty unified idea of what the story should be. I absolutely love it when a simple idea on the whim of the moment turns into something incredible, tangible, and fun! Many thanks to kind friends at Crab Tank, Caitlin, and my husband (my best proofreader) for helping this comic come true. I’m setting up a place so I can sell this comic on web.