Updates – Golgotha (Top Cow) and GameSpace (PDP)

Lots have happened since I updated my blog last time!

First, I’d like to thank everyone for backing Golgotha Kickstarter hosted by Top Cow Productions. We’ve surpassed our original goal, and the long awaited book is coming to print soon!

Here are some sneak peeks we used during the campaign.

I’d like to thankMatt Hawkins and Bryan Hill for providing me with an epic-scale sci-fi script, as well as our colorist Bryan Valenza for beautiful color work (everyone should check out his work by the way, it’s amazing).

Now one campaign is over, I have another Kickstarter project that I’m very proud to be part of. My friend Josh Gorfain and I have been working on GameSpace, a prequel to indie hit comic “MeatSpace” for a while now. We’ve finally decided, with the help of Phoenix Dream Publishing, to do a Kickstarter to bring it to print. Plus, this campaign will also help fund MeatSpace Vol.2 (drawn by Sean Von Gorman) and the MeatSpace Universe Omnibus that will collect the entire series.

If you like any of our work, please support and share the campaign. We could really use some boost!




Rose City Comic Con!

I have a couple of new things coming out for this weekend’s Rose City Comic Con.

First, I have a new 14-page mini comic, A Quiet Trail of Blood and Tears, based on a story written by Ken Brady. Here is a quick preview.

A Quiet Trail of Blood and Tears Yuki Saeki Ken Brady A Quiet Trail of Blood and Tears Yuki Saeki Ken Brady A Quiet Trail of Blood and Tears Yuki Saeki Ken Brady



Also, I made a whole new set of coasters, this time featuring Bat family!

Batman Nightwing Robin Coasters


My booth is located at Q-09. I’ll see you there!