Mentioned on Bleeding Cool!

It’s been a while since I’ve updated my blog, but lots have happened in the past few months. I’m working on few new projects, met lots of cool people at NYCC, did a comic-making workshop for kids at a local public library.

Last October, I attended (as a visitor) at New York Comic Con for my first time! Just the sheer size of the event was mind-blowing. One of the greatest things that happened there among many is my latest comic “A Quite Trail of Tears and Bloods” was mentioned on Bleeding Cool.




Check out the full article here to see what they have to say about my comic! I feel very honored and thankful to wonderful Hanna Shannon whom I had so much fun talking with at Image/Multiversity party.

Another thing I did recently is a comic-making workshop at Woodburn Public Library. It was my very first time to teach others how to draw comics, so I was naturally a little nervous, but all the kids had so much passion for art, I really enjoyed helping them out. It was a truly inspirational experience for me too.



My next event appearance will be First Wednesday Artist/Vendor Event at Salem, OR on February 4th, 2015 (2pm-9pm). Come visit my booth and support local art community!

First Wednesday Artist/Vendor Event

Rose City Comic Con!

I have a couple of new things coming out for this weekend’s Rose City Comic Con.

First, I have a new 14-page mini comic, A Quiet Trail of Blood and Tears, based on a story written by Ken Brady. Here is a quick preview.

A Quiet Trail of Blood and Tears Yuki Saeki Ken Brady A Quiet Trail of Blood and Tears Yuki Saeki Ken Brady A Quiet Trail of Blood and Tears Yuki Saeki Ken Brady



Also, I made a whole new set of coasters, this time featuring Bat family!

Batman Nightwing Robin Coasters


My booth is located at Q-09. I’ll see you there!

Daily Sketches

Check out my Tumblr when you get a chance! I’ve been doing Sketches per Day, which, as you can probably tell, is my personal challenge to do one sketch everyday. Here are some examples.


I recently purchased gray Prismacolor markers. Those are so much fun.

Children of Loki in Collaboration with Caitlin Like

Thank you for visiting my table at Rose City Comic Con!
At the con, we released our first print of Children of Loki, a book about a viking family destined to battle against the offspring of Norse god Loki.



You can now read this comic online! Check it out here.

Let me tell you a behind-the-scene story. Caitlin Like is my fellow apprentice at Periscope Studio, and at the Stumptown Comic Festival in 2013 we both tabled together at its Artist Alley. There, I was asked to do a few commission pieces for good friends. Their prompts were “a beautiful viking,” a beautifu viking’s brother,” and “a beautiful viking’s father.” Thus, an entire family of viking was instantly created on site! Caitlin and I had so much fun chatting about this family, we decided to do an actual comic about them.

In Children of Loki, I told a story about the father and his mysterious companion, and Caitlin’s story rotates around his two sons (the original “beautiful viking” and his brother). We didn’t really talk about details to each other, but somehow we both had a pretty unified idea of what the story should be. I absolutely love it when a simple idea on the whim of the moment turns into something incredible, tangible, and fun! Many thanks to kind friends at Crab Tank, Caitlin, and my husband (my best proofreader) for helping this comic come true. I’m setting up a place so I can sell this comic on web.